Desktop Research   Grey literature     Artefact Analysis
Use of historic records, maps and other documented evidence to investigate the past Transcription and interpretation of unpublished documents, archaeological works and relatable artefacts Analysis, interpretation and research of our past material culture. Producing data-bases and catalogues of 'finds' for a variety of organisations and metal detecting individuals
Post Excavation Dissemination Presentations
A major work to analyse the findings and provide an informed archaeological interpretation of past activity and any discovered material evidence Producing and providing archaeological evidence in the proper format for archival storage, complying with official institutions legislation and release to the general public PowerPoint orientated talks on many archaeological subjects of your choice

Aerial Survey

Field Walking


Interpreting and mapping below ground patterns and shape imprints in the landscape

Systematic archaeological searches of ground surfaces for archaeological evidence

Intrusive archaeological methods to record material cultural evidence

Watching Briefs Monitoring


Recording of archaeological deposits; requested where development ground-works are being undertaken and as part of planning permission Observation during development as an alternative to archaeological excavation

Writing of documents outlining information gathered ready to be reported to official institutions

  Publication   Geophysical Survey  
Writing and printing of detailed books and articles by our scholars about any discovered archaeology Non-intrusive techniques to discover and record subsurface archaeology